Morse Application Interactive Scenery of an imaginary Telegraphy Room

During my fourth semester at Burg Giebichenstein the task was to develop an Application for some artefact of our choice. So I designed and programmed an imaginary Telegraphy Room in Unity3D and C# filled with original pictures, telegrams and – of course – a remodelled morse device. The room was designed to be explored by the user. The user can turn around by right-clicking and dragging. The mouse cursor icon indicates different interaction types when the user hovers over specific objects.

It is even possible to learn basic morse signals or even the whole morse alphabet by clicking on the device or the letters that are printed on a piece of paper in front of it. Red circles mark the recent morsed letter. It is also possible to type in words or sentences to be played back by the device in three different speeds to get a feeling for how morse codes sounded like.

Year 2013Tools