Icons Animation:OnOff
Lichtspiel Interactive Boardgame Concept
Treeme Tool for Visualizing Students & Alumni
Facepanorama Panorama Photographs
Gutding 2D Animation
Voltage Processing Tool for Generative Animation
Texture Tool Tool for generative Image Distortion
Montage Animation 2012 Animations and Experiments
Paperportrait Tool for Making you own Papersculpture
Manuka Bee 2D Animation
Tua – Für Immer 2D animated Musicvideo
Morse Application Interactive Scenery of an imaginary Telegraphy Room
Dissolution 2.5D Animation
Cells Processing Simulation
Typobook “Art Suffers” Course Result Typography, 1st Semester
Growth Wax Stopmotion
Mini Animations Tests and Experiments
Oasis Of City 2D/3D Animation